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Of Turbo and Lovers

Year: 1986 Song: "Turbo Lover" by Judas Priest So "Turbo Lover" is my favorite Judas Priest song because who among us can resist a three-verse extended metaphor that likens sexual intercourse to motorcycle riding. For three verses. Sometimes a beloved song does not a compelling video make, though. Fortunately, that is so not the case here. Compelling, … Continue reading Of Turbo and Lovers

Nightmare on Van Halen Street

Year: 1984 Song: "Hot for Teacher" by Van Halen With the success of the absolutely wonderful Stranger Things (#TeamBarb), everything 80s horror-related is en vogue. (Not to be confused with En Vogue.) So I thought we should take a look at Van Halen's brief foray into horror: the short-form music-based film "Hot for Teacher." You think David Lee … Continue reading Nightmare on Van Halen Street

It’s Fly When Girls Stop By for the Summer(time)

Song: "Summertime Girls," by Y&T Year: 1985 Like warm weather, March Madness (go Heels!), and baseball, I AM BACK and ready to bring you down Aquanet-soaked memory lane on a much more frequent basis. And what better way to kick off Spring Break than with Y&T's "Summertime Girls"? Well before LFO, there was Y&T, and Friend of … Continue reading It’s Fly When Girls Stop By for the Summer(time)