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“Tears Are Falling”: Song or Design Concept?

Year: 1985 Song: "Tears are Falling" by KISS It seems so early to repeat a band, but it's so early to go on a hiatus so...¯\_(ツ)_/¯. HEY. I'm back, and so is Paul Stanley. Two years after taking off the makeup, everyone is looking quite a bit more comfortable, especially Gene, though one still gets the sense … Continue reading “Tears Are Falling”: Song or Design Concept?

Double, Double Toil and Sing

Year: 1984 Song: "Rock You Like a Hurricane" by the Scorpions **somewhere in Hollywood, 1984** Bob: We're going to need a good concept with this one, fellas. A real game-changer. Any ideas? Pete: Animals. We definitely need animals. Like a leopard or a panther or something. Ted: How about both? Bob: Both. Obviously. What else? Ted: Women, of course. But like, animal … Continue reading Double, Double Toil and Sing

Pearls Before Swine

Year: 1984 Song: "Slow an' Easy," by Whitesnake Yeah, yeah, Whitesnake isn't really hair metal (a conversation that deeply confused a dear friend recently when she asked "which is better, Poison or Whitesnake?"), but David Coverdale has a magnificent head of hair and "Here I Go Again" has become genre iconography. And before Tawny, there was the accidentally … Continue reading Pearls Before Swine

When You’re Lost Out There and You’re All Alone, Bon Jovi’s Waiting to Carry You Home

Year: 1984 Song: "Runaway," by Bon Jovi "I hate videos. If you wanted to torture me you'd tie me down and force me to watch our first five videos...The first time we'd just made a record and we were all excited and some a--hole decides we're going to make a video for 'Runaway.' So instead of making … Continue reading When You’re Lost Out There and You’re All Alone, Bon Jovi’s Waiting to Carry You Home

The Heart Is a Lonely Frontman

Year: 1984 Song: "Round and Round," by Ratt By 1984, we've moved out of the apocalypse and that involves wearing a lot more clothes, because post-apocalyptic wastelands are known for being much hotter than your average mansion, even during a stuffy dinner party. Even when it's hosted by (Ratt's manager's uncle) Milton Berle, and also Milton Berle … Continue reading The Heart Is a Lonely Frontman