“Pamela Linda Gretchen Stevie Patti Kim” – Hobart 

“Friday Night at Debra Jo’s Phone Sex Emporium” – SmokeLong Quarterly (nominee, 2020 Best Small Fictions anthology)

“If You Need Me, I Will Be Over Here Remembering When We Took a Zipcar to Connecticut” – Paper Darts

“Like Nothing Happened” – FIVE:2:ONE

“In Hollywoodland” – matchbook (nominee, 2020 Pushcart Prize and 2020 Best Small Fictions anthology)

“What’s Done Is Mine” – Wigleaf

“Every Rose” – Barrelhouse POP Love!

“Dogs” – matchbook (nominee, 2018 Pushcart Prize and 2018 Best Small Fictions anthology)

“A Girl’s Guide to Being a Rhonda” – Gravel Mag (collaboration with Meghan Phillips, named one of Wigleaf’s Top 50 Flash Fictions of 2017)

“The Lights in the Sky Will Shine For Me” – Synaesthesia Magazine

“Closer to the Melt in Your Grip” – Cheap Pop

“The Calliope Crashed” – Third Point Press (nominee, 2017 Best of the Net anthology)

“The Affected Room Should Be Isolated From the Other Rooms in the House” – Split Lip Magazine

“If You Need Me, I’ll Be Over Here Marking My Life in Bob Seger Songs” – Jellyfish Review (nominee, 2017 Best Small Fictions anthology)

“If You Need Me, I Will Be Over Here Pretending I’m the Girl Faster Pussycat Was Singing About” – Blue Fifth Review

“If You Need Me, I Will Be Over Here Wishing I Had Better Aim” – Sick Lit Magazine

“You are paper, plastic, or here.” – Literary Orphans

“I Scream, You Scream” – People Holding

“Take, Eat” – WhiskeyPaper

“Aller Unfug Ist Schwer” – Sonora Review 66 

“If You Need Me, I Will Be Over Here Listening to ‘Slide It In’ on Repeat” – Hayden’s Ferry Review (Honorable Mention, 2014 Flash Prose Contest)

“The Kid Before the Heartbreak” – Barrelhouse

“Whole Trees in Motion, Inconvenience in Walking” – Ninth Letter

“If You Need Me, I Will Be Over Here Renaming Aisles in the CVS” – Journal of Compressed Creative Arts

“The Likeliest of Several Theories Regarding the Whereabouts of Mark Bellhorn” – Hobart

“We Who Gnaw at Turkey Legs” – Monkeybicycle

“The Strip” – decomP


“I Don’t Feel Like Nothin’ But a Good Time: How Grunge Didn’t Kill Glam” – March Plaidness

“On ‘Hot Blooded'” – March Badness

“A Little Bit Better Than I Used To Be”: On The Dirt and Possibility – Barrelhouse

“On ‘Dance With Me'” – March Vladness

“On ‘Poison Ivy'” – March Shredness

“To 39, With Love” – Fear No Lit Writers Watching Sports

“Nothing Looks as Empty as the Chair You’re Not Sitting In” – Exposition Review (2nd place, Flash 405 Contest)

“The Most Mets Thing That Ever Happened (That Day).” – Hobart

Prose Poetry

“The Sting Means It’s Working” – Pithead Chapel (nominee, 2019 Pushcart Prize)


“What Joy We Would Find: An Interview with Davon Loeb,” by Amy Rossi – Split Lip Magazine

“Everything Will Now Be Different: A Conversation with Amy Rossi,” by Christopher Wolford – Split Lip Magazine

“Interview with Amy Rossi: Flash Prose Contest Honorable Mention,” by William Ruof – Hayden’s Ferry Review

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